Mud Meadow is becoming known as the "go to" place if you are a pepper enthusiast. We are growing 37 varieties of peppers this season, including old time favorites like sweet bells or jalapenos, and very unique and specialty peppers like the fushimi sweet pepper from Japan and the lemon drop, a very hot pepper from Peru. Many Peppers can be grown in containers and look beautiful on the patio or porch. Remember that peppers need lots of sun and warmth here in New England!!


We love growing tomato plants from seed. This season we offer 14 heirloom varieties from all over the world. We have 8 types of grape, cherry, and tiny currant plants and 9 easy growing, disease resistant hybrids. We make sure that you have choices of tomatoes that can be grown in containers or smaller spaced gardens. Our family is very proud of the quality of our seedlings, and that our prices are as good as or better than any of the "big box" stores down the street. Doesn't it make sense to buy beautiful, locally grown, disease free seedlings that are fairly priced? We think so!


We have looked everywhere and discovered that finding a true definition for "Herbs" is very difficult. Herbs have been used since biblical times for medicinal and culinary purposes. The importing and exporting of herbs and spices was the basis of several countries economic systems at one time. Teas infused with herbs have been used for many ailments from stress and indigestion to headaches and kidney problems. Therapeutic values of herbs in aromatherapy and massage has barely been explored. The best definition of an herb would be: Any plant or plant part that is of some use to mankind. Most of the 50 or so herbs we grow at MMF&G are of the culinary or aromatic value. We are always collecting and updating varieties and information and passing it on. Come rub, smell, and taste in our wonderful herb section!

Container Plants

Most everyone has a pot of geraniums or herbs on their porch. We grow a nice selection of flowering annuals for hanging baskets, window boxes, flower beds, and planters. You can make your own, pick out one of ours, or bring your container in and have us custom plant for you! Back in the vegetable and herb areas, we know that many people are simplifying their gardening by growing in raised beds and container plantings. We have begun growing seedlings specifically for small space gardening. Imagine, Tomatoes and peppers, cukes and eggplants that can be grown on your porch or patio!

The Gift Shop

Under the shade of our old apple tree is the Mud Meadow Farm gift shop. Inside and out you will find a wide variety of unusual gifts and accessories for the gardener and homeowner. We carry cast iron chimneas and pizza ovens, bird baths, and statuary. We have wind chimes and pottery; gardening books, tools, and fertilizers. All are very special, but not "specialty" priced. We also raise our own field grown cut flowers and herbs during the summer months. There are dried flowers hanging from the ceiling and wreaths and swags on the walls. We will soon have our own selections of tea blends and packaged dried herbs.

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